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LCOS Worship and Education


8:30 AM – Adult Bible Study

9:30 AM – Worship with Holy Communion

9:45 AM – Children’s Sunday School

10:45 AM – Confirmation Class (every other week)


Attending the Worship service is a time of reverent reflection and spiritual growth for the entire family.  It is also a time for learning about our faith, our purpose and mission.  For those times when our children need a little guidance on behavior inside the nave and during worship, we have a large nursery room where you can spend time teaching your kids about the different aspects of the service, how to behave and to calm them down when they get a little restless.  The nursery is equipped with speakers and a large sound proof window to keep you connected to the rest of the congregation.

Open Communion

All people are invited to come to the communion table for the spiritual nourishing the bread and wine provide.  Kids are also welcome to take communion at the discretion of the parents. We recommend that the young ones obtain some instruction from their parents on what is communion and how to behave at the table.  A formal communion class is offered a couple times a year to kids in second grade and higher.  We take individual bread wafers and mini cups of wine.  Grape juice is provided in the center of the tray for those who wish to drink it.  But, some times we also have communion by Intinction.

Intinction is the process of participating of the Eucharist by dipping the wafer into the wine before eating.  You are also welcome to drink from the cup itself.

Fellowship Time

Fellowship is our way of sharing our love for Christ and for each other.  We get together to praise the Lord every Sunday at 9:30 am.  But, we also get together to share every day life activities like dinners, days at the park, Christmas events, concerts, and much more.  We celebrate birthdays every first Sunday of the month during our fellowship hour at 10:45 am, The Fellowship hour happens every Sunday after the 9:30 am service.  Come join us for a cup of coffee and cookies.