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Dear disciples of Jesus:

Sister Joan Chittister is an author and international speaker on subjects of spir- ituality, peace, religious life, and justice for all people, especially women and the poor.
In her book The Liturgical Year, she writes this of Lent:

“Lent calls each of us to renew our ongoing commitment to the implications of the Resurrection in our own lives, here and now.
But that demands both the healing of the soul and the honing of the soul, both penance and faith, both a purging of what is superfluous in our lives and the heightening, the intensifying, of what is meaningful.”

What a challenge! Find what is meaningful and give away what is superfluous! Especially challenging is the fact that we live surrounded by the superficiality of consumerism. In this world marked by social divisions, we are called to highlight what can be meaningful to unite us as a family of faith.

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